Scrounger Forensics

Scrounger Forensics is a Linux based open source OSINT application designed to run on Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon. Scrounger Forensics is used to gather publicly available data from social media platforms by using the api’s provided from the social media sites. Scrounger Forensics indexes the data collected and calculates the necessary MD5 hashes for evidentiary purposes.

Scrounger Forensics is able to navigate the internet and document information based on specified handlers. Scrounger is able to scrape posts and download videos from the Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok platforms. It is able to track friends, followers, groups, etc…

The Scrounger Forensics application utilizes various python libraries, and other open source code in order to aid individuals and users with their OSINT operations.

Scrounger Forensics was created as a Digital Forensics and Cyber Security capstone project by graduate students Edward Heifetz and Mehmet Sonmez at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The capstone course and Scrounger Forensics project was designed, supervised and vetted by Professor Adam Scott Wandt.

Disclaimer: Scrounger Forensics may only be used by bona fide Law Enforcement or Inspector General agencies. Scrounger Forensics may only be used for authorized criminal and administrative investigations. Unauthorized use of Scrounger Forensics is strictly prohibited.

A password is needed to access and download Scrounger Forensics. Your request for access should include your name, title, agency, and a government or LEO email account to send the credentials. You can request the access by submitting a request via our encrypted form: Here

Once you have the access password:  You can download Scrounger Forensics Here